Jerry Gaskill of King’s X


 The Upbeat Hang Ep. 23

In Episode 23, K Bo, Duke, and Amy visit with New Jersey’s own homegrown monster talent, the venerated Jerry Gaskill, whom many know as the longtime drummer of the ever-popular band, King’s X. For decades, the band has been revered by its loyal following which in large part comes as a byproduct of the trio’s consistent display of excellence in performing and recording. Here, Gaskill himself talks about his contributions not only as the drummer for the band but also as a writer and an intellect who helped guide the group through its steady ascent to success.

Listeners will also be thrilled to take in Gaskill’s persona which shows why Jerry is one of the more popular personalities in the business today and adored by musicians and fans alike. Witty yet direct, Gaskill pulls no punches and he tells it like it is which makes this episode a must listen. Welcome, Jerry Gaskill!

Jerry’s second solo album:

King’s X website:

In this show, two drummers (K-Bo and Duke) hang with a singer (Amy) along with big-name musicians, industry pros, entertainers, athletes and more. K-Bo, Duke and Amy share laughs with their guests as they dig deep, uncovering the true stories of the human being behind the high-profile name.

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