Bonham vs. Peart 

 The Upbeat Hang Ep. 27

In Episode 27, K Bo, Duke, and Amy attempt to answer the age-old question which has been asked in entertainment circles since the beginning of time; who is the all-time greatest at their particular craft or instrument?

In this instance, the debate centers around Led Zeppelin’s thunderous percussionist, John Bonham, and Rush’s “Professor” of the drum kit, Neil Peart. Both artists come with their own legendary status however, for as many parallels that can be seen between the two, there are just as many divergent qualities between this pair of epic timekeepers.

In this Episode, the Upbeat trio examines and discuss the similarities and differences between these two drummers in trying to come to a conclusion as to who is the greatest rock drummer of all time; is it “Bonzo” or“The Professor”? Check it out.


In this show, two drummers (K-Bo and Duke) hang with a singer (Amy) along with big-name musicians, industry pros, entertainers, athletes and more. K-Bo, Duke and Amy share laughs, talk about all-things-entertainment, and often chat with high-profile guests.

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