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 The Upbeat Hang Ep. 45

Drummers are a special breed for sure and in this 45th Episode of The Upbeat Hang Duke and K Bo (Amy is off this week) explore that unique bond that timekeepers share with one another.

Part of that bond is supporting one another and sharing insights on performing, technique, equipment, sharing humorous stories of the road/gigs/studio and, generally coping as a musician. When done in a group setting some call it a “drummer’s hang.” Listeners will be interested to hear about what drummers talk about and why some think these performers and their kinship is so unique. Check it out.

In this show, two drummers (K-Bo and Duke) hang with a singer (Amy) along with big-name musicians, industry pros, entertainers, athletes and more. K-Bo, Duke and Amy share laughs, talk about all-things-entertainment, and often chat with high-profile guests.

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