Technology in Live Music



 The Upbeat Hang Ep. 44

“Playing” with technology….have we crossed the line where technology is no longer just an aid to enhance our performance to where it is now a necessary component of our musical arsenal? In this 44th episode of The Upbeat Hang Duke, K Bo and Amy explore the ever-changing role that technology has played vis-a-vis many musical performers. The trio debates the pivotal question of when is too much simply too much? Just as importantly, they ask if the audience really cares if musicians autocorrect their own personal touch and idiosyncrasies out of the equation entirely? Check out the podcast, and also check out the video version on YouTube!

In this show, two drummers (K-Bo and Duke) hang with a singer (Amy) along with big-name musicians, industry pros, entertainers, athletes and more. K-Bo, Duke and Amy share laughs, talk about all-things-entertainment, and often chat with high-profile guests.

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