Studio Legend Joe Porcaro

 Drummers’ Hang Ep. 12

Studio Legend Joe Porcaro joins the Drummers’ Hang and discusses memories of developing his career in his home state of Connecticut, then eventually, packing up the family, and driving across the country to make a go of it on the music scene in Los Angeles, at the urging of his dear friend Emil Richards.

During the show, Joe discusses some great memories of working in the studio along side his lifelong friend Emil Richards, as well as Larry Bunker, Frank Zappa, and of course Toto. He shares the story of how Miles Davis joined forces with Toto and the history behind his Diamond Tip drumstick.

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Two seasoned drummers talk with legends of drumming, as well as music industry professionals, and other personalities connected to the art of music recording and performance. With very different musical backgrounds, K-Bo and Duke challenge each other and share humorous, entertaining and enlightening stories as they discuss drumming, recorded performances, the music industry, the arts, gear, technique, people involved in the music community and more. Their sometimes opposing perspectives help deepen the conversation. The Drummers’ Hang offers captivating insight and entertainment for drummers, musicians and music listeners alike, going beyond the recordings to explore how family, music, education, ambition, natural talent (or lack thereof), local gigs and life in the studio and on the road effect our lives and our world. Real drummers getting real.

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